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Aileen Lauren Dautriche (アイリーン・ローレン・ドートリシュ, Airīn Rōren Dōtorishu) is the main character of I'm the Villainess, So I'm Taming the Final Boss series. She’s a daughter of a duke; the prime minister of the country, Rudolph d’Autriche.


Past life[]

From her memories, Aileen was seen with a white cap covering her dark hair while wearing a hospital gown.

Current life[]

In her current life, Aileen has long golden blonde hair with ultramarine blue eyes. She is often seen in a dark blue dress with a red ribbon tied into a bow and a white shirt.

As Ailey Calois, her hair is short and her make-up is removed. She wears the male uniform of Mische Academy.


Past life:[]

In her former life, Aileen was shown to enjoy her console games, mainly the "Regalia of Saints, Demons and Maidens" series. She was constantly irritated because of her health issues.

Current life:[]

As Aileen, she has shown to use her knowledge of the game's events to advert the possibility of her demise. She is a bold, intelligent, kindhearted, motivated (though she feels inferior to her siblings) and a slightly sly girl with great ambitions (even before she regained her memories), she also has some anti-heroine qualities. She is hardworking which is shown by the fact that she worked hard to become empress Although she is bold and tries to act perverted in from of Claude she in return gets embarrassed herself.

Game Description[]

She has been described as a very evil, devilish, jealous personality in the game (the original setting), who tries to harm the heroine (Lilia) and tries to steal the hero (Cedric) from her. However in all endings she dies.


Aileen is a reincarnated girl from Japan, she recovers her memories from her previous life in which she played the game's original setting. Knowing Aileen is destined to die in the normal course of events, she uses her vast knowledge of the original game in order to avoid her demise, getting closer to Claude who is the one bound to kill her. A diligent, kind and empowered lady, she is shown to not just rely on her knowledge of the game, being politically savvy, a successful businesswoman and a careful tactician, skills she puts to use in order to both avoid danger to herself. But she also propels the land of demons. She has a bit of an inferiority complex towards her brothers, as being the only female meant she did not gain as much attention or recognition, thus she put tremendous effort in her education in order to be acknowledged. However, this ended up ostracizing her from her peers. Although she was viewed with skepticism, her competence along her culinary ability gained her the favor of the demon populace.


Past life:[]


They seemed to care a lot about Aileen. They were shown crying in one of Aileen's memory flashbacks when she was about to die.

Current life:[]


Rudolph Lauren D'Autriche[]

The monarch of the d'Autriche family, prime minister and Aileen's father, Aileen is his youngest child, He has a tactic mind and tries to use every situation in his favor. He really loves Aileen but is very strict with her as a result. He has given his children all kinds of opportunities to learn.

Aileen's Brothers[]

Aileen has 3 older brothers who were revealed in her family photo in episode 1. In volume 4 Aileen has revealed that all her brothers are also very intelligent, her father would often leave her with one of her brothers alone in some castle town without a penny and her brothers would easily find a way home. While she seems proud of them she has a inferiority complex to them.

Claude Jeanne Ellmeyer[]

Claude is Aileen's Husband. He is the Demon Lord, crown prince and also the future King of the Kingdom. He deeply loves and cares a lot about Aileen. He was initially suspicious of her when she came to him with a marriage proposal but she won his trust over time, he even underwent his demonic transformation upon witnessing Aileen being molested by his half-brother Cedric. On Aileen's part, she initially only desired to tame Claude as a means to preserve her own life. However, over time, Aileen had come to truly treasure Claude and became worried when she found herself as the catalyst for his transformation into a dragon and even protected him from the Holy Sword. She even voiced her love for him when he was in dragon form which returned him back to human form. He shows quite intimate interests in her prior to their marriage. After many events the couple gets married in volume 3 of the Light novel.

Fiend dragon[]

Aileen and Claude think of her as their daughter.

Cedric Jeanne Ellmeyer[]

Cedric is Aileen's ex-fiancé, ex-childhood friend and now half brother-in-law. It is shown that at first he loved Aileen and treated Aileen very lovingly which made her fall in love with him however he gradually lost interest in her and left her when he fell for Lilia Reinoise. He is said to be charming on the outside but has anger issues and is extremely egoistic, petty, foolish person who can get easily manipulated. He attempted to make Aileen his second wife by sexually assaulting her not because he loves her but because of jealously as she is yet another thing he lost to his brother. He also takes the business Aileen and he owned which she had worked hard to built after firing all the people she hired. He later regrets his actions and doesn't hold any resentment against her now though he still loves Lilia he is now aware of her "true" personality and warns her to stay away from Aileen. As part of showing that he doesn't mean them any harm he even helps Claude and others save Aileen from Ashmael.

Lala Jeanne Ellmeyer[]

Lala is Aileen's grandmother-in-law who despises Aileen.

Pierre Jeanne Ellmeyer[]

Pierre is the current emperor of imperial Ellmeyer and Aileen's father-in-law


Lilia Reinoise[]

A fellow Sword Maiden, her main rival in the original game Regalia of Saints, Demons, and Maidens 1 and real villain of the anime and novel. She was also reincarnated into the regalia world just like Aileen. Aileen didn't hold any resentment towards Lilia for being replaced by her but Lilia holds a grudge against Aileen as she always gets in her way and constantly tries to make her life miserable. She only thinks of the world as a "game" and follows her knowledge in her favour trying to get a happy ending and trying to make Aileen and Claude a bad ending as part of the "game". She never cares about others as they are just "characters". She tamed Cedric as a part of her scheme and not because she loved him.



A crow demon in Claude's service, Aileen encounters on the way to the demon king's domain. She tricks him by giving him her handmade cookies which he loves a lot. he is very loyal, looks up to Aileen and is always ready to do anything for them.

Keith Eigrid[]

Claude's assistant and right-hand man. He is usually calm and has a chill personality. He and Aileen share a friendly relationship with each other.


Aileen's pet demon who she saved. Ribbon loves her a lot and lives in her shadow.

Isaac Lombard[]

Isaac is one of Aileen's close friends who also had a had on her. He is always there to help her when she needs him he also shares a hint of guilt for not helping her when Cedric was humiliating her at the day they ended their engagement. During the events of the second arc, he infiltrates Mische Academy alongside "Ailey" to keep "him" out of trouble. He is constantly irritated by her actions and overboldness but he respects her and follows her. He even proposed to her after her engagement with Cedric ended which though she didn't take seriously she still rejected him. Aileen puts a lot of trust in him.

Selena Gilbert[]

Salena is the main heroine of game Regalia of Saints, Demons, and Maidens 2 and played a minor antagonist role in arc 2 in the anime and novel. after some event she becomes Aileen's bodyguard but still resents her. Aileen ships August and her.

Aileen's gang[]

Mostly consist of her her workers of Oberon. She re hired them after Cedric fired them from her previous company with her. She recognizes their talents and respects them and their talents. They are pretty close with her.

Baal Shah Ashmael[]

The king of the holy land of Ashmael.

Roxane Fusca[]

Baal's principal consort, She and Aileen are similar in many ways.

Elephas Levy


  • Good cook can make cookies with poison or love potion.
  • Summon Demons with your Shadow After receiving from Lord Claude the ability to summon Demons, she manages to summon the demons and with Beelzebuth mes away from the barrier.
  • Summon the Holy Sword she manages to summon the holy sword because she has the blood of the Maiden, after stealing from Lilia she uses the sword to protect demons and trust humans.



  • Aileen has a inferiority complex when it comes to her brothers.
  • Aileen’s character and last name may be inspired from Marie Antoinette.
  • Aileen in vol. 4 claims to be the second strongest person in the world, second only to Claude.